COVID-19 : Still flying but this may change soon…

Update: Thursday 12th March.
At present we are still flying but this may change depending upon restrictions that may be placed upon us by the various national or local authorities.

The welfare of our passengers is our number one priority and whilst it is hard to see how paragliding can cause issues regarding Covid-19 we are taking simple precautions as recommended by the French health authorities: reducing physical contact by no hand shaking or embracing, maintaining a reasonable personal space , coughing into elbows rather than hands, using single use tissues and regular hand washing. We attempt to avoid being crowded in the the gondola when accessing take off. We welcome passengers using their own ski helmets for the flight and we can provide inner liners for those who do not have their own helmets. We also encourage that passengers wear their own gloves at all times.

We fully understand that the situation is evolving & travel plans will be liable to change and accept that passengers may cancel (without any charge from our side) at the last moment.