Video – Tandem Flight

Launching requires a short sustained run along a gentle slope, the wing the lifts us off the ground – there is no sensation of falling.  In fact, a good launch feels similar to an airplane taking off.

Our video showing a typical take-off from Plan Praz.

Once airborne, you are comfortably seated in a harness and have your hands free to take photographs, or to try your hand at piloting the wing.  Perhaps surprisingly, there is a feeling of being completely supported by the wing and even sufferers of vertigo generally feel at ease: the difference of looking out of the window of an aircraft rather than standing on the edge of a cliff.  The beauty of the Mont Blanc massif, Europe’s highest mountain offers a fantastic panorama to any flight in the Chamonix Valley.

Touchdown is generally gentle and necessitates a short run for no more than 5 metres.

This shows a little of our in flight videos (flying from Planpraz, April 2012)

This video also shows the more impressive take-off from the North face of the Aiguille du Midi.
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