Plan de l’Aiguille 2300m

The half way stage of the Aiguille du Midi lift. A superb site allowing beautiful flights towards the Bossons glacier, nestling under the high peaks of Mt Blanc.

A superb site allowing beautiful flights towards the Bossons glacier, nestling under the snow capped high peaks of Mt Blanc and offering a rugged “natural ” ambiance to the flight. After a three minute walk down from the cable car station we launch just above the tree line from a grassy hillside at 2300m and usually traverse towards Europes longest icefall : the Bossons glacier, flying above small mountain torrents and often spotting wild deer in the forest below. The jagged seracs of the glacier and the imposing peaks of the Mt Blanc massif create a dramatic vista. The latter part of the flight is over the pine forest and then overflying the town centre of Chamonix before landing at Bos du Bouchet just behind the lake of the sports centre.

In the winter months, in contrast to Planpraz ,the snow is never packed down for us by the piste machines because there are none – this makes for a superb natural mountain ambiance but it can be very hard to run so as to launch in the deep snow. It is for this reason that we do not fly from Plan de l’Aiguille very often in the winter. The summer months are perfect but we are only authorized to fly here outside of July and August when the mountain rescue helicopter requires this area for rescuing climbers from Mt Blanc and surrounds.

Generally speaking we fly from this site from around  9h,10h,11h,12h.  Sometimes earlier or later depending upon weather & snow cover conditions.

Flight time: approx 20 – 25 mins. (Whole event time around one hour to one hour thirty mins).

Cost: June promo price: 120 € + lift ticket (18€50) if you do not have  a skipass or day multipass.

Dates and Times:

Available only during:
Mid April – Mid June.
Mid September – Mid October

(Please see the reservations page for exact dates & times)