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Timeslot \ Date Sat 15/12/2018 Sun 16/12/2018 Mon 17/12/2018 Tue 18/12/2018 Wed 19/12/2018 Thu 20/12/2018 Fri 21/12/2018
9:00 Brevent (planpraz) Brevent (planpraz) Brevent (planpraz) Brevent (planpraz) Brevent (planpraz) Brevent (planpraz) Brevent (planpraz)
10:00UnavailableUnavailableUnavailable Brevent (planpraz) Brevent (planpraz) Brevent (planpraz) Brevent (planpraz)
11:00 Brevent (planpraz) Brevent (planpraz) Brevent (planpraz) Brevent (planpraz) Brevent (planpraz) Brevent (planpraz) Brevent (planpraz)
12:00 Brevent (planpraz) Brevent (planpraz) Brevent (planpraz) Brevent (planpraz) Brevent (planpraz) Unavailable Brevent (planpraz)
13:00 Brevent (planpraz) Brevent (planpraz) Brevent (planpraz) Brevent (planpraz) Unavailable Brevent (planpraz) Unavailable
14:00 Brevent (planpraz) Brevent (planpraz) Brevent (planpraz) Brevent (planpraz) Brevent (planpraz) Brevent (planpraz) Unavailable
15:00 Brevent (planpraz) Brevent (planpraz) Brevent (planpraz) Brevent (planpraz) Brevent (planpraz) Brevent (planpraz) Brevent (planpraz)
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If you have any problems with the online system or do not receive an immediate automatic e.mail showing a summary of your request, please double check the e.mail address that you have submitted. If this is correct, please copy & paste the “OFFLINE BOOKING REQUEST FORM ” at the bottom of this page so as to submit your request by e.mail.

This overview shows when we are not available, occasionally other pending requests may be slow to appear online and some “green” slots may not actually be available.

If we do not have availability for your chosen time, or you have chosen an unsuitable time (weight / age etc.) we will suggest other suitable times.

Flights for lighter children, heavier or elderly passengers may require specific flight times.
Children (or under 45 kg passengers) must fly early before the wind increases.
Our absolute maximum male weight limit is ax 95kg (female 80kg) but you must be particularly athletic once above 80 kg (70 kg female)

Do not wait until the last day of your holiday to book –  in case poor weather causes postponement.

The Frequently Asked Questions Page will give you an instant answer to most questions.

Cancellation policy
Within 48 hours of the flight time, 70% payment is due unless we are provided with a doctors statement. If we have to cancel due to weather you do not pay us anything but you will have to bear the cost for any lift tickets that you may have used.

NB: We will confirm your booking & send pre flight details. Until you receive our reply the booking request is unconfirmed.

Please await our flight confirmation before making any payment.

Individuals & couples: we will not usually ask you to pay a deposit but will trust you to show up as accepted – please understand that we will undoubtedly refuse other flight request so as to accommodate you.

You are welcome to wait until the day of your flight to pay but please note that, in this case, we can only accept payments in cash (Euros) or travellers cheques or French bankers cheque which should be made immediately after the flight. We cannot accept any other means of payment after the flight.

Credit Card or Paypal payments can only be accepted if made prior to the day of your flight. If you cannot fly because of adverse weather you will be refunded the full amount less any Paypal admin charges.
Credit card & Paypal payments incur a 3€ surcharge as a contribution towards Paypal commission charges that we are charged.

Deposits / modification charge
We try to avoid asking for deposits but occasionally (usually for groups or specific bookings) we are obliged to do so – we will advise you at time of booking if this is the case.
The non refundable* deposit payment (11€ / person) includes 1€ / person contribution towards Paypal commission charges that we are charged.
The balance for the flight should be paid directly after the flight in Euros cash (e.g. for a Brevent flight you would pay the balance of 100€ as 1€ is the contribution to Paypal).
If you wish to pay for the whole flight by card / Paypal account then this needs to be done in one single payment at time of booking, we cannot accept deposit payments and then balance payments by credit card.
This deposit is forfeited following any changes once a reservation has been made.
*We refund the deposit in the case of us having to cancel a flight due to weather.

Lift tickets are not included in our prices.

Unless you are purchasing a gift voucher please complete a booking request (either on line or by e.mail) & await our reply before making payment.

Vols Biplace / Tandem Flights

Fly Chamonix e.mail or Telephone : 00 33 610 28 20 77

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Flying Site: Planpraz (Brevent ski area)
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